Customized Compassion Games

The Compassion Games International now offers to customize and bring the Compassion Games in-house to businesses, organizations, associations, and conferences. We design and deliver customized Compassion Games Coopetitions that bring inspired team building, authentic community engagement, and opportunities for meaningful personal fulfillment.

By playing in the Compassion Games, businesses and organizations create value for communities as well as a kinder and healthier workplace. The Compassion Games are a fun, motivating, community engagement experience that lets employees bond within the workplace, and develop leadership skills while enhancing employee relationships, loyalty, and retention. Organizations and businesses are able to create mutually beneficial ways of engaging with the community and reach communities they might not typically interact with. The Games support social responsibility initiatives, and enhance brand development and public relations strategies.

Players in the Compassion Games build the capacity to learn the skills needed to develop (1) mutual respect, (2) mutual support, (3) shared goals, (4) commitment to working together through differences, (5) a shared sense of fulfilling a larger purpose that adds value to people’s lives, and (6) a reframing of competition to create a healthy environment for innovation and productivity.

The Games go beyond standard, internally focused team-building by creating an authentic experience and relationship amongst the players, the business or organization, and the community that they serve. The Games contribute to social responsibility while enhancing organizational function.

Design Process Guidelines

The coopetition begins with organizing teams of players. The teams identify creative ways they can engage in compassionate action within the organization and the community. They consider all 3 dimension of compassion: caring for others, self, and the Earth.

Compassionate actions can range from personal acts of kindness to community service projects. Examples from previous teams include everything from daily acts of kindness and mindfulness to community service such as revitalizing a downtown, creating a food drive, installing a bench at a mosque, stimulating integration of different cultures through acts of kindness, and rehabilitating a trail. Then the coopetition gets into full gear as teams carry out their projects.

Players and teams reflect upon the outcomes and impacts of their participation and post on a report map the number of volunteers, people served, volunteer hours, and monies raised. They share the stories that came from their experience, which can be done through videos, employee newsletters, and meetings. Teams then come together to celebrate and share the results of participating in the Games. It’s fun and anyone can play!

Global Results

Over the past four years, the Games have been played by cities, schools, neighborhoods, businesses, prisons, youth groups, and more! These teams have mobilized over 400,000 volunteers that have served over 1,500,000 people in 34 countries. Behind every number in the Games Results, a very real and meaningful experience took place in a community. The reported impacts are heartening and powerful.

If you’re interested in learning about the impact the Games can bring to your business, organization, or association, please contact Jon Ramer at (206) 972-7356 or

Client Highlights


CGI has been engaged by the Points of Light Institute to bring a way to play called “Pass the Torch & Connect Points of Light” to their 23rd annual Volunteering and Service Conference in Detroit, Michigan. Participants pass a Compassion Torch card with others they don’t know and share stories about how service has united their communities. You can visit the missions page and learn more here!


“Participating in the Compassion Games has helped engage and empower our staff and customers in the communities in which they live and work. Our hope is that other businesses will see the value and get involved.”  –Tricia Stevens, Executive VP LUSH Cosmetics


CGI was hired by the Parliament of World’s Religions to bring Pass the Torch to their global conference, the oldest, largest, and most inclusive gathering of people of all faith and traditions. To read about it and see Pass the Torch in action, view the story here!

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