Compassion Today!


Compassion Today! is a mobile app that inspires us to practice compassion in our daily lives.  Through simple reflection exercises, daily mindfulness reminders, inspiring quotes and more, Compassion Today! can aid you on your daily journey to live into your most compassionate self!

Use the Compassion Report Map to reflect and share your experiences to inspire others during the Annual Compassion Games, or during any time of the year!


The app is free and available for most tablets and mobile devices. Download the app here or use your device’s App Store and search “Compassion Today!” (When you download, be sure to allow “push notifications” so you can receive simple reminders and information on the latest app features and updates!)

Here’s what you can expect when you download the app:

  • Daily quotes, news, and action tips
  • The “3 Daily Questions” exercise
  • Functionality to allow sharing via social media/email
  • Direct links to calendars/events, the Charter for Compassion International, Compassion Games, Compassion Relays, Compassion Mapping, CCARE, GoodMojo, extensive web resources, videos, audio/podcast playlists, “100 Questions,” Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, and Google+ links
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