2019 World Interfaith Harmony Week is Reaching New Heights!

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Coopetitions, Harmony Week

2018 was a remarkable year!  Thank you for your continued support and participation. Here’s a glimpse at what’s next:

In November we visited Toronto and attended the Parliament of World Religions where Unity Earth hosted the Toronto Convergence.  Here’s a Kumu map we made of the Convergence participants:

During the Parliament, representatives of Unity Earth, UNIFY, Four Worlds International Institute, Compassion Games, and SINE agreed to co-create a “Synergized Impact” for the 2019 World Interfaith Harmony Week. We aligned and committed to collaborate on The Road to 2020 and to use this 2019 WIHW to expand and deepen our capacity to collaborate.

The synergized plan builds upon the last five years of WIHW Compassion Games, our participation with Unity Earth in Ethiopia last year, and the plan for the 2020 WIHW in the Holy Land.

The 2019 WIHW will take the SINE Alliance and our commitment to “collective empowerment” to new heights. The 2019 WIHW includes the Convergence NYC Weekend and a Global Harmony Week Broadcast including an opening ceremony at the One Spirit Alliance on Feb 1 and a Unity Earth Lift Off Concert and Celebration at the United Palace in New York City on Feb 2.

To show how our existing commitments fit together, we developed a timeline that includes the anchor events from the Parliament leading up to the 2019 WIHW and continuing through till the 2020 WIHW in the Holy Land. Here’s a video of the timeline:

To review the overall plan for WIHW arrow through this Prezi presentation.

With over 75 members, the SINE alliance now works its magic on the 2019 WIHW. SINE continues to produce breakthrough results in support of each other showing that the power of Collective Empowerment is palpable and the joy of making waves together is fun and mutually rewarding!

For example, in December 21st, World Spirit Day, UNIFY organized a Global Synchronized Meditation. Over 50 SINE member Facebook pages kicked off the livestream and the SINE Wave led to over 500 shares.  During 2019 WIHW we will play Let’s Make Waves! like we never have before!

Sign Up to Play in the 2019 World Interfaith Harmony Week. We are also supporting the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection as a powerful way to start our year and connect the first week of January with the first week of February.