Champion of Compassion Spotlight: The Fetzer Institute

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Harmony Week

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we are deeply interdependent and interconnected. What would it be like to live that way—as if our borders (personal and otherwise) extended beyond our body, neighborhood, state, or nation, spilling into each other as a river into the sea? How might we move beyond our self-imposed borders to build and deepen authentic, sustainable connections?

We offer these ideas and invite you to join us in this practice of unity:

  • – Be friendly and get to know people
  • – Consider how you are part of a wider web
  • – Nurture connection through music
  • – Put books of literary fiction on your reading list

Tell/show us how you cultivate unity.

Tag your photos/responses with #compassiongames.

Additional Resources:

With gratitude from the Fetzer Institute!

“Our work is about helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.

Our goal is to help catalyze and support a broad-scale, spiritually grounded transformation from an ego-centered way of being grounded in separation and fear to an all-centered way of being grounded in oneness and love.

Our vision is a critical mass of people around the world embracing love as the guiding principle and animating force for living in sacred relationship with self, others, and the natural world.”

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