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For the past 8 years, the Compassion Games (a non-profit initiative) has survived on grass-roots ruggedness and small philanthropic donations. More so, it thrived on inspiration from you – the remarkable players – and an irrevocable drive to see the world continue to become a safer, kinder, and better place for all living beings. From students challenging one another to bring compassion into schools, to people in prisons aching for an excuse to show kindness to one another, the Games have surprised the world at their ability to be creatively adapted to any community who wants to embrace and play them.

We are working hard to meet the expanding demand from communities around the world who want to utilize the Games as a playful, cooperative, meaningful, and creative way to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Your support makes a tremendous difference to make this possible!

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We had no idea what was going to happen when we began this journey 5 years ago… Now, the compassion movement is emerging into a global phenomenon and your financial support can help keep it flourishing. The potential for positive change is unlimited, and we deeply thank you for supporting and playing the Compassion Games, and for being such an integral part of it!