Drive with Compassion

How many players: One or more. (Extra point for encouraging your passengers to coach you!).

Point of the game: Take steps to be more mindful about your driving, thus reducing the stress on yourself and others as you get from one place to another.

Make a pledge to be more compassionate in your driving and to be attentive to compassionate actions by others.
Obey speed limits/allow enough time to arrive at your destination.
Rather than talking on the phone, responding to the notification of text messages or picking up a soda or sandwich, be present for driving. Silence your devices!
Refrain from horn beeping, swearing, or other expressions of “road rage.”
Allow other drivers to merge into traffic.
Always use your turn signal as a way to be courteous and predictable.
Safely share the road with cyclists and yield to pedestrians.
Carpool or offer a friend a ride.
Recognize and celebrate when people are compassionate towards you.

Post your experiences and reflection from Drive With Compassion on the Compassion Report Map to further disseminate the antidote of compassion to the world, and to inspire others to do the same!

Notes, links or ideas:

Additional suggestions for mindful driving here.

AAA Foundation facts about distracted driving here.

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