Mother Earth is our home.

Something incredible happens when we humans are fully connected with the Great Story of life. Knowing we belong here, we become calmer. Our words and thoughts become kinder and our hearts become full. Curiosity pulls us in every direction, knowing all things in this world have secrets to share with us if we only listen, and wonders to behold if we only slow down to take them in.

In Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week, thousands of players and teams around the world felt the calling of Mother Earth. From India to Sudan, Guatemala to the Philippines, the US to Vietnam, and Canada to Australia, people brought unbelievably creative and heartfelt acts of compassion to life for the Earth and all living beings at this remarkable time.

The results and highlights that follow are just a glimpse into the goodness that took place during Earth Week. Let this be a time of celebration for all the hard work we did as a human family to heal our world!