Spotlight Champion: #Decarbonize BlueYouth

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Earth Week

Let us rise together and share our deep bows of gratitude for the historical difference Decarbonize Blue Youth, as the world’s largest youth lead synthesis of climate action and recommendation. 11,000 Students were engaged in contributing 25,000 hours to the creation of a global White Paper on Climate Change from September to November 2016. This process was completed with a Writers Retreat in Marrakech, Morocco during the UNFCCC COP22.

Here is the 2018 theme #Decarbonize #Decolonize for Blue Youth around the world with big plans leading up to COP24. You can join thousands of youth from across the planet. See all the places youth are becoming leaders through these Champions of Compassion on the map below!











See this group of youth from at Marrakech, Morocco during the UNFCCC COP22 do an amazing job speaking about indigenous water access!! Aboriginal voices need to be heard! These #Decarbonize Youth leaders share incredible wisdom about climate change and Earth Compassion action to take.

See how these incredible champions of compassion made a huge difference in the Compassion Relay with the Global Compassion Torch being in their hands leading up to in November 2016 with Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. and The Green Sheikh.

You can take action today with Decarbonize Blue Youth by entering in your Climate Change art to be part of United Nations COP24. See all 224 submissions and add yours as well HERE! Share your action as part of April Compassion Games on the Compassion Report Map! Continue to celebrate this amazing group of youth from all over the world by following the latest action below!

Check out the website HERE