Giving Games Champion Spotlight: Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Giving Games

For Day 9 of the Giving Games, we are overjoyed to pass the Compassion Torch from Compassionate Louisville to Roots and Shoots, the youth-led community action organization inspired by the work and guidance of Dr. Jane Goodall!

Dr. Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots members plant trees at the Singapore American School in Singapore.

Dr. Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots members plant trees at the Singapore American School in Singapore.

Roots are the foundation of life, plants and human alike. And shoots are these seemingly weak, hopeless expression of life who, in their search for the light of the sun, are capable of breaking right through a brick wall to achieve their purpose! This is how Dr. Jane Goodall describes Roots and Shoots to young people… they are these shoots, capable of unbelievable good and great change, capable of breaking through all of the “brick walls” of our world to make it a healthier, safer place for animals, for all people, and for the environment.

Roots and Shoots has thousands of expressions in the form of youth-led community service projects around the world. You can view all of the current youth led projects for Roots and Shoots here.

View the 4-Step Model for Roots and Shoots Below:

Dr. Goodall never fails to honor the land, and is driven to make are all sentient beings are cared for. This is perhaps why she and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. are such kindred spirits. Chief Phil, Chairperson of CGI, considers Jane his Elder Sister. The two have spent years working together to protect and stand for Mother Earth, as well as being champions for the voices and action of our young people.

We are so, so deeply grateful and honored to pass the Compassion Torch to Dr. Goodall and her inspiring, important organization, Roots and Shoots. May all the shoots of our young people grow strong and true, through any brick wall that impedes their purpose and right to a safe, compassionate planet.