Giving Games Champion Spotlight: Play for Peace

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Giving Games

For Day 3 of the Giving Games, we are thrilled to pass the Compassion Torch from the United Nations Department of Public Information to Play for Peace. Play for Peace, we are proud to say, is a hero of the Compassion Games Leadership Team. There is no other force on Earth that so embodies the spirit of compassionate play in such an on the ground, global expression.

No matter where you might point on an atlas, you will find a unique expression of Play for Peace. From India to the Philippines, Guatemala to Vietnam, Mexico to Canada, or the United States to Nepal, real mentors are in community with real youth, bringing healing and change to their communities.

Here is how Play for Peace describes their mission and purpose:

Children, youth and adults, even in communities in conflict, are deciding to choose compassion and practice peace, and
they are learning to do this through the joy of play. Few things can provide a common link between people like laughter and play. Through cooperative play, Play for Peace provides a universal and non-threatening platform around which people canscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-44-24-pmcome together and learn. Play creates a gateway to moments when differences dissolve, fear melts away, and we see what connects us rather than what divides us. At Play for Peace we believe;

  1. Everyone can be an architect, builder and leader for peace.
  2. Every community can create and sustain peace.
  3. Play is one of the most innovative catalysts for peace in the world today.

Play for Peace, with the stunning collaboration and support from their staff, has participated in every Compassion Games coopetition from the first 2015 Giving Games onwards. In a way, this week marks the one year anniversary between Compassion Games and Play for Peace.

Check out Play for Peace accepting the Compassion Torch!

Thank you, Play for Peace for bringing a culture of compassion and play to life! Game on!

Learn more about the beautiful work of Play for Peace here.