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If you took a journey through the story of your DNA – the 20,000+ genes that have been passed down from lookingforseedsguypngyour ancestors and determine in part who you are – what mysteries do you think you might reveal about yourself?

Your DNA contains traces of all the life that has come before you over the past 3.8 billion years, from the time the first signs of life arrived on our planet. You share DNA with bees, flowers, trees, whales, spiders, fish, primates, dinosaurs, and of course, all human beings!cg-earth008-fish0416

However, in today’s world, Agents, you may notice how human beings have a habit of dividing each other up based on what we look like, what gender we are, and where we come from. We are taught this person is white and this person is black, he is from Saudi Arabia and she is from China. I am this and that, we are taught, which makes me different than they and them.

Yet interestingly, only a very, very small percentage of our DNA determines what we physically look like… characteristics such as our skin color, the type of hair we have, our eye color, height, and even if we are male or female! The rest of ourCG16- Step4 - fish2016 DNA – 99.9% of it – is actually identical to all other people! This is the portion of DNA that makes sure we are a human being, with a healthy heart, lungs, brain, vocal chords, and all the rest!

In fact, according to our biology, there really is no such thing as race. Each of us, whether we look brown, black, or white, are actually of mixed ancestry, with relatives coming from countries and continents across the globe. Our DNA reveals to us that all human beings are actually related to one another, meaning we each share common human ancestors in the ancient past, making us all, literally, family!

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