Kamloops, British Columbia – A Bright Shining Compassion Star

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Leagues, Teams, Unity Games

kamloops-flyerThere’s good news coming out of the city of Kamloops in British Columbia. It’s the story of a Compassion All-Star Daphane Nelson who took a stand to give the gift of peace and compassion to her city.  Daphane Nelson heard about the Compassion Games through her mom. She checked it out and saw this as a way to recognize all the good work happening in her community. Take a look at all the events they have planned for the Compassion Games.

Daphane honors her community and the “amazingness” already happening in her interview on the Midday television program.

This week the Mayor of Kamloops, declared September 11th as Compassion Day and a Compassion Week Kamloops that follows. The words of the proclamation by the mayor are moving and timely.

compassionatekamloopsIt recognizes that the local governments cannot meet the needs of all their citizens and there is a growing network of individuals and groups organized around compassion to empower our communities to meet the challenges of these needs. The proclamation is to unite the residents of the city of Kamloops in the commitment to compassion and to resolve to live compassionately. How good is that!

The city of Kamloops now has September 11 as a Day of Compassion that starts their Compassionate Kamloops Week. We congratulate and welcome the city of Kamloops into the “compassion games” and look forward to your participation in this global challenge and movement!