MLK-Ali: Missions of Compassion 2019

Agents of Compassion!

We have important news for you from Agent HQ…

Throughout our lives, there may be times, when we may be led to believe that we’re not “good enough” to be “somebody,” or that we will never make a difference in the world. We may feel that we are “bad” or “stupid” or “inadequate” because of some mistake we have made, because of what someone has said, or simply because being “good” is not meant for someone like us.

Agents, this could not be farther from the truth!

Within your spirit lies a limitless reservoir of strength, beauty, and goodness. It is yours. It has been with you since your first breath, and it can never be taken from you!

And strength is far more than what a person can lift… it is how a person can forgive. Beauty is far more than physical “looks” … it is the natural expression of a person’s gifts, in full bloom and freely given. And goodness is not made up of a world of “right vs. wrong,” or “good vs. evil” … it is what we are even on our darkest days. It exists within our enemies as well as our friends.

This goodness within us is like a great seed. And like all seeds, our goodness requires water! In this case, Agents, that water is our courage… courage to be who we truly are, which is strong, beautiful, and good!

During the MLK-Ali: Five Days of Courageous Service Coopetition, Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali will inspire us to become more of who we are. By becoming more of ourselves, we will learn how to honor our unique gifts, and how to give our gifts to the world courageously so that we may serve others and the Earth, just like Dr. King and Muhammad Ali!

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