Agents of Compassion!

We have important news for you from Agent HQ…

Let us use this moment to take a good look at the day. It may seem like an ordinary day, an “everyday” kind of day, some might say, but here’s the thing: it actually isn’t.

It was on this very day, 87 years ago, that Martin Luther King Jr. was brought into the world.

That’s right! Today is Dr. King’s birthday!

It’s difficult to imagine what our world would be like if Dr. King was never born, if he never became the Civil Rights Leader and Humanitarian he is known for today.

That’s what makes this day so special to all of us. Dr. King gave voice and movement to both the pain and the dreams of billions of people around the planet. He helped people understand that it was in their own power to help change ideas and unjust laws, and that change is achievable when we act together with compassion in unprecedentedly unified ways.

Agents, Dr. King’s story is not over even though he is no longer physically with us. His story lives on through us, through the struggles and challenges we face today as a Human Family. It is our role in this story to carry the torch of compassion and progress, discovering how we can give our gifts to the world and find our unique place in the unfolding story of our time.

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