Annual Global Games

The purpose of the Annual Global Games is to catalyze collaboration through the power of compassionate cooperation and friendly competition. We call this event a “coopetition”, where we cooperate to compete not against each other but with one another. By igniting this kind of playful and competitive spirit, we are able to co-develop the skills we need to act more compassionately towards others, towards the earth, and towards ourselves. Like the Olympics, the Compassion Games help people from around the world to do wonderful things together. The Annual Global Games gives us a chance to celebrate all the good in the world that is being done by our efforts and others, and to witness the interwoven tapestry of human experiences and actions that adds up to a huge impact in our communities and lives!

The Global Compassion Games last for 11 days. They begin on September 11 and end on September 21, the United Nations International Day of Peace. The Games take place during the 11 Days of Global Unity.

The Games can be played by individuals or by teams. Teams can be created or players can join existing teams. The teams are organized into leagues of cities, schools, churches, or any other group of individuals.

See the players page to find or organize a team near you! Please contact the organizer to find out more about any team you’re interested in.

A note to school organizers: your league Games run a little later from October 15 through October 25, to give you more time to prepare once your new school year starts.

There are four steps to play the Global Compassion Games as an individual player or a team:

1. You Commit to Play
2. You Play
3. You Reflect and Report
4. You Share and Celebrate!

Individuals and teams report their acts of compassion to the Compassion Map.

The CGI team will count the number of volunteers, the hours of service, the money raised for local causes, and the number of people served. We’ll post these tallies on the Scoreboard during the Games so you can see how you’re doing.

Remember: Post those reports! Inspire others around the world with your heartfelt commitment and compassionate actions!

Here are some resources to help you understand and explain the Games to different sectors or communities you may play with.

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