Story Mapping Challenge

In celebration of the Earth, and our connection to all life, we invite you to play the #LoveThisPlace2015 Story Mapping Challenge!

The Story Mapping Challenge is remarkably simple and rewarding, and can be played on any device. To play, take a photo of a place that you love in the natural world, and post it to the Esri Story Map with a brief story describing its significance to you! Your favorite place could be near a creek, where the sun glitters off the surface, mesmerizing your heart. Or, it could be a forest path you often take, full of mystery and hidden wonder. Maybe it’s even your own backyard, where time stands still as you sit and watch the seasons unfold before your eyes!

Don’t let your home and places be left off the Story Map! Show the Earth your love!

Let’s awaken our innate biophilia, or “love of life”, in people around the world so that we can turn our love for these places into effectively caring for them! Game on!

 Add Your Place to the Story Map Here!