An Invitation to the Compassion Games – Protect the Sacred Solar Challenge

Point of the Game:

To Protect the Sacred by getting off of fossil fuels and making the switch to 100% clean
 and renewal energy for all people and all purposes as quickly as possibly. To start this necessary process in the places we consider Sacred.

For example, the Silicon Valley Inter-Religious Council (SiViC) has successfully taken up the solar challenge on June 26th, 2015. Here was a statement from when they successfully switched to renewable energy for one of their Jain Centers.

SiVIC is proud to have joined hands with Compassion Games International in their Solar Initiative to help sun up our sanctuaries,” said Girish Shah, treasurer of SiVIC. “Going solar will not only save (the) financial resources of the sanctuary, but also be a compassionate act toward Mother Earth. The Jain Center solar project will be a shining example of such an effort for all sanctuaries in the Silicon Valley.” (View the full story here.)

SiViC at a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their transition in going solar and showing compassion for Mother Earth!

Rules of Play:

Step. 1: Convene Key Stakeholders

In order to make this happen in your community, you need to convene the people who have the authority and those who have a deep commitment in making a shift to clean and renewable energy.

Step 2: Pull Together Educational Resources to Organize Your Project

The Solutions Project is a wonderful resource from Stanford University to help you and your team get educated on many key areas that are necessary to implement a renewable energy project. The Solutions Project also provides news so you can stay informed on the latest developments in the field of renewable energy that is relevant to your community.

An image from the Solutions Project highlighting the U.S. energy mix chart. The map shows the energy mix of any country in blue.

Contact Jon Ramer (Jon@CompassionGames.Org if you would like to learn more and connect with this solarizing movement.