For Others

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It is the people in our lives who truly ground us, providing us with a sense of unconditional belonging and meaning. Humans are, first and foremost, social beings. Compared to other living beings, we are not remarkable in our inherent quickness, nor our strength. We are not born with sharp claws or fangs to protect ourselves from harm. We are even born completely vulnerable, totally dependent on the love and care of others to nurture us into maturity. Therefore, it is the connections and bonds we create between each other, woven through the tender strands of the compassion and love, that give us strength and resilience beyond compare.

It is in honor of this profound and shared human reality that so many Ways to Play are “For Others”, dedicated to the tender caretakers of our spirits – to our friends, families, and communities – and even to the people we do not know who may forever remember a smile or kindness from a simple act.

As the Earth continues to become a global village, we are coming to know ourselves as One Human Family, a fact that holds physical, scientific truth in our very DNA. Compassion is central to this emerging identity, requiring us to show unprecedented empathy, kindness, and understanding toward one another, to celebrate our diversity as we embrace the oneness of all humanity.