Report: Scavenger Hunt Update

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Scavenger Hunt: SuperBetter |

It’s been a week since the start of the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest and that includes a whole week of interesting Quests in the Scavenger Hunt.

For your information and for posterity, here are last week’s Quests:

Quest #1. Read and sign the Charter for Compassion.

Quest #2. Sign up or resolve to attend a specific Planned Action Project or Event during the Compassion Games. Post your commitment on your SuperBetter activity wall or on the Facebook event page.

Quest #3. Visit the John T. Williams Totem Pole site at Seattle Center. For a Power-Up, find the “gum wall” at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.


Quest #4. Check out the Gallery of Compassionate Actions. Choose one to do, do it, and post your experience on your activity wall or on Facebook.

—–For a Power-Up, meditate for 5 minutes.

Quest #5. Visit the Earth Portal exhibit in the Whidbey Geodome at the Seattle Center. Be inspired and gain compassion by learning about the universe and the earth’s unique place within it. Shows at 5pm on Thursdays through October 11 are free if you go in and say you’re with the Compassion Games Scavenger Hunt.


Even though the week is over, you can still do all or any of these Quests. And we’d love to hear about your adventures on the Facebook page. We’ve also got more excellent adventures planned for this week so stay tuned and, if you haven’t, sign up to play the Scavenger Hunt using SuperBetter.


SuperBetter instructions:

  1. Create a SuperBetter account and go through all the setup steps.
  2. Once you’ve setup your SuperBetter account and Epic Win, click on “Allies” on the left hand side of the screen and send an email to asking us to be your Ally.
  3. When we send you Quests, you need to “accept” them in your SuperBetter account to have them show up as your Quests and enable you to complete them.

Whenever you’ve completed a Scavenger Hunt Quest, please click that you did it on SuperBetter. We’d also love to hear what you’re up to so it would be awesome if you post about your adventures on your Activity Wall and/or on the Facebook event page’s Wall. Thanks for playing!