September 11th Revisited by Lucy Dougall

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Uncategorized, Unity Games

What if
instead of remembering
the horror
the anger and hate
the fear and suspicion

What if
instead of a 12 year war
that no one can win
where everyone loses
where the aftermath continues to damage untold lives

We take something else from that fateful day?
The memory of
firemen entering the burning wreckage
ordinary people rushing to help
to give blood
to comfort the injured
to feed the rescuers
all joining together in compassion,
remembering loved ones
in shrines of flowers and candles

What if
our hearts can be changed
so we can live in a world where, in Camus’ words,
we are Neither Victims Nor Executioners?

What if
we worked, singly and together,
to make it happen?

By Lucy Dougall