The Souper Bowl!

Point of the Game: Kick-off World Interfaith Harmony Week and the Super Bowl by playing in the 010b-fishapril14Souper Bowl! Between February 1st and February 7th, congregations and groups will work together to collect as many containers of soup as possible to fill our food banks. Which group can collect the most soup per member?! On Super Bowl Sunday, soup items will be tallied to show how much good can be done by us coming together across the country to work in caring and compassionate action for others.

Rules of Action:

  1. You Commit to Play: Commit to play as a congregation or any other type of group. RSVP yourkl-stargirl01a-fish0814team, group, or congregation here!
  2. You Play!: Collect as many containers of soup as possible (both cans and boxes count!) and have a great time while doing it!
  3. Report on Your Actions and Service Projects: By reporting on your actions, we can see from the Compassion Report Map how much food was collected around the country by participating teams. The final tallies will be displayed on the Scoreboard after the Souper Bowl ends.
  4. You Celebrate and Share!: Share and celebrate all the good that was done to make known what is possible when we come together to bring compassion to life!

 Share your photos and videos! Send them to Jon@CompassionGames.Org

Rules of Strategy: Challenge other congregations to join you to increase your donation potential! Most cans of soup are around 14.5 fluid ounces. Try to convert the ounces of other types of containers (such as boxes) into “cans” for easy reporting and final results! (So a 29 fluid ounce container would be worth two cans!)


Tools and Equipment: 


Last year Rev Kathianne Lewis from the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) in Seattle challenged her congregation and other local CSL congregations to a friendly competition to gather soup for their first ever Souper Bowl.

This year the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest is partnering with the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week and is inviting congregations of all denominations to get engaged and play.

Rev. Kathianne was paraphrasing the words of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who reminded us that building teams is a great journey and that we have to keep believing and trusting in those around us and in the process… we can make the world a better place.

Let’s make winning at the Super Bowl this year include winning the Souper Bowl on February 1 by getting tons of healthy food into our food banks!

If you have any questions contact Jon Ramer: