New Stories

by | Sep 14, 2012

We are in extraordinary times of change and it is time to think new thoughts. The challenges we face now as humanity call for the very best of our collective knowledge, skill, wisdom, and vision. We need to take up the power to retell, rethink, deconstruct, joke about and change the old stories that have dominated our lives to make way for new stories that redefine who we are, what we believe we are capable of and the actions we take. We are standing on the edge of evolution and what we think and feel and do makes a difference in what happens next. Tending to the stories of new possibility make these possibilities available.

New Stories is a 501(c)(3) educational organization serving as a resource center, creative collaboratory and project incubator in support of emerging new stories for who we are as humanity, what we are becoming, how we are changing and where we are going together.

The vision of New Stories is a world where humanity recognizes itself as one body, an evolving totality learning to live sustainably on Earth, compassionately with one another, and in sacred relationship with a Living Universe.

New Stories’ purpose is to utilize and expand the field of story as a primary tool for social innovation by gathering, disseminating, and co-evolving transformational visions, stories and methods for the future that inspire, encourage and guide creative, life-affirming responses to the unprecedented cultural transformation of our times.

Our strategy is to sponsor projects and partner with others for creating, designing, collecting and offering resources, curricula, courses, conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings, both virtual and in person that promote an improved understanding of the forces affecting our future and offer tools for navigating the process of change.