Seat of the Soul Institute (with Gary Zukav)

by | Jan 28, 2015

“I love ‘Survival of the Kindest’ because it is an accurate and precise expression of our new evolutionary circumstance.”
– Gary Zukav on the Compassion Games

We believe that a great transformation in human consciousness has begun, our evolution now requires spiritual growth, and spiritual growth requires conscious choices.

We assist people across the world in creating meaning and purpose, creativity and health, joy and love. We call this authentic power – the alignment of the personality with the soul.

We provide programs and tools that help you create emotional awareness, responsible choice, intuition, trust, and spiritual partnerships – partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth (creating authentic power).

We believe the values of the soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. They are our values, too.

We envision a world of Universal Humans who are beyond nation, race, sex, religion, culture, and economic circumstance; who are citizens of the Universe; and whose allegiance is to Life.

About Gary Zukav


Gary Zukav’s gentle presence, humor, and insightful wisdom have inspired millions to realize their soul’s greatest potential. A master teacher and eloquent author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, Gary is dedicated to the current extraordinary transformation in human consciousness – an unprecedented threshold in the human experience. This transformation is no less than a Revolution of the Soul, one that touches the heart of all humanity and is based on spiritual growth, conscious choices, and a celebration and reverence for Life.

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