The Synergy in Our Unity

by | May 30, 2020 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Coopetitions, For Teams

At the heart of Unity is Synergy waiting to arise. Unity occurs when separate things or people are combined into one cohesive element with a single purpose. Synergy occurs when the working together of two or more things produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. To add synergy to unity ignites, unleashes, and amplifies the interests and resources of all the participants, oftentimes in amazing ways. 

Although it sounds like unity and synergy are something we do, they are actually ways to be with oneself and each other. This requires self-awareness about how we are being and how we can evolve together our collective capacity to bring a new way of thinking and acting into being right before our eyes. It is magic in motion. This act of clearing and balancing oneself and attunement with each other is essential to activate the synergy in our unity waiting to be brought forth. Patricia Anne Davis, a Dine Medicine Woman, describes this Native American concept as: “Intra-personal Holiness for Inter-personal Wholeness.”  

Can we learn to maintain our personal calm and balance while expanding the field to embrace new possibilities as they emerge right before our eyes?  

Can we put in place the scaffolding structures needed to build out our solutions and the “mutual mentorship” agreements required to bring these solutions to scale? This is the game we’re learning to play, and can only play together.  

The Synergy Games | Love Wins! 

In response to the enormous COVID suffering and the “Great Pause” that offers this once in a generation “values clarification” the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest and the SINE Member Alliance are collaborating to create the Synergy Games | Love Wins! – The Advance of the Loving BE’s. Be Healthy. Be Kind. Be Better.  

The point of the game is to move all of us forward in a purposeful way toward a better future for everyone.  As we play we synergize our collective capacity with the combined power of social media, mainstream media, and video conferencing. Together we can advance the innovations, tools, and strategies that enable us to be healthy, kind, and come back better. Sign up to play the Synergy Games here

Acting Locally, Scaling Regionally, and Synchronizing Globally 

The changes we seek happen locally, are on the ground where we live, work, and play. Change can scale regionally as one community adopts and adapts solutions from other local communities.  Due to our connectivity we can learn from and synchronize globally with communities and cities around the world. The power and authority within these local communities are granted to Mayors, therefore one of the first challenges in the Synergy Games is the Mayor’s Synergy Challenge, led by Mayor Greg Fischer, from Louisville Kentucky, the incoming President of the US Conference of Mayors. Here is Mayor Fischer’s call to play in the Synergy Games:

The Solutions that are posted into the Solutions Commons are tagged with the different sustainable development goals (SDG’s). Players engage with the Solutions being posted. Engagement includes reacting, commenting, and sharing.  The most acted upon Solutions are featured in the Synergy Games Leaderboard. The featured Solutions are broadcasted in the online Solutions Exchange on the SINE Network and “simulcasted” to make SINE Waves across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). 

We look forward to being together during World Unity Week. We invite you to play your hearts out and join in a global game that unleashes the Synergy in Unity while building the trusted relationships needed to be wise, be kind, and come back better.