The World Could Sure Use a Good Laugh!

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Unity Games

How Much Fun Can We Have?

Imagine a self-replicating campaign that sparks laughter, lifts up the world and moves people to donate to a network of nonprofits doing amazing work all over the world.

Can a good laugh lead to supporting groups working to heal the world?

Donate at or Text to 50155 ROFL

Marilyn Levin of the We Go High Project had this brilliant idea…. Let’s Spark Laughter to Uplift the World! 

We Invited Marilyn to share her idea on the Peace Wave Summit we hosted in July. We loved her and her vision!

Could we together spark a “fun-raiser” to help heal a troubled world?  We had to play… Joy is Sommer’s given middle name!!

Well… we had to make our video.  It is confronting!  How do you get yourself laughing?  How do you not look like a fool in the process?

Well… it was Sunday night and we just finished a 16-day Compassion Games coopetition focused on building global unity and creating Peace on Earth by 2030. When the Games are on it is insane!

I thought about that Apple ad, “The Crazy Ones“.  I wanted Sommer to see it.  I thought to myself:

“Not only are we committed to creating Peace on Earth by 2030 we just committed to getting the world laughing and donating to 50 nonprofits to uplift the world.  We had to qualify to be the crazy ones!”

We promised to make a short video of us rolling on the floor laughing.  So… I grab my phone and turned the video on. I started recording Sommer and explaining what was happening.

She had the Compassion Torch in her hand. She thought it would look good if it was behind me thinking that I was recording a close up of me.

I then told her that I was, in fact, recording her… and that’s where we just lost it…. or found it!

I then realized it was important for her to tell us how to text our donation… but we were laughing so hard that we just couldn’t get it out!  

Anyway… we hope it makes you laugh …. and give to uplift the world!


Here are the starting beneficiaries:


The #ROFLChallenge

Donate at

Text 50155 ROFL to Donate

How much fun can we have?  Game on!