Agents of Compassion,

We have critical information for you from Compassion HQ…

In ancient times, it was taught that a great Worldwide River flowed through this world, whose waters nourished and connected all that it touched. Its waters were so abundant, it was said, and so good, that it made life possible for the plants, who covered the Earth with a blanket of lush green. This is why the Earth is a blue and green planet: blue like water, and green, like plants.

The plants fed the insects, which fed the animals, which all fed the people. And so it was understood that Water was Life, and that it should be protected and appreciated so that all living things could live the life they were meant to live, including human beings.

Today, however, many of these teachings have been largely forgotten.

When a human being forgets the teachings of the Worldwide River, they may begin to treat the Earth’s waters differently. They may put their garbage into the water, not realizing it will one day flow back to the water they must drink. They may not care that the dirty water will make the plants and the animals sick, but humans must eat these plants and animals, which will eventually make us sick, and our children sick, too.

It was foretold by the ancients that human beings may one day forget this knowledge, and that these bad things might happen, as they are indeed happening. But they also foretold that human beings would one day remember the old stories, and learn again to care for the Worldwide River, and therefore care for all life!

Agents, as the ancients foretold, Water Protectors of the 7th Generation arise all around Mother Earth as we speak! They say “Mni Wiconi,” which means Water is Life! Will you join them?!

Water is Life! Protect the Sacred Earth Week is here! Let the Compassion Games begin!

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