Sharing Compassion With Others Brings Compassion to Life

Let’s Play Together So Everyone Wins!

The point of Challenge Others to Play! is to recruit more Agents of Compassion that are members of the International Kindness Team (IKT) who play in the Compassion Games and invite their friends to play as well.

How to Play in Two Simple Steps!

  1. Sign Up and Invite Your Friends

Using the form below you can sign yourself up and become a member of the International Kindness Team (if you have already signed up, its fine to sign in and start again). After you sign in, you are offered sharing tools that are simple, safe and effective at inviting your friends to be an Agent too!

You can challenge your friends to play via your favorite social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.


You can customize and send an email message by adding to the following standard invitation:


  1. Share Your Experience on the Compassion Report Map:

When you are done inviting others, share on the Compassion Report map what this experience was like for you!

What did you learn about Compassion by inviting another to play in the Compassion Games? What did you learn about yourself as you played?


Use the social media icons to share this Way to Play with others!

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