Point of the Game: The aim of this game is to call attention to the compassion around us, both to Compassion-All-Stars-WTPcelebrate its practitioners and to open our eyes to compassion’s power and diverse expressions. All-Stars are people who never tire in making us feel welcome and whole, who help make our communities and lives better in small but significant ways. They could be the grandmother on the corner who makes cookies for children on their birthdays, the bus driver who sings out stops for their riders, or an individual who takes a daring step to bring light to injustice in the world. An All-Star could be a member of your family, a dear friend, and even an acquaintance.

Rules of Action: 

  1. It takes two to play this game. One (that’s you!) to discover a Compassion All-Star, and the other (your nominee, the All-Star) who is making the world a better place in your eyes.
  2. Once you find a Compassion All-Star, find a way to honor them in your own unique way. You can write a letter about why they are a Compassion All-Star to you, and then dedicate this award as a small gesture of gratitude to their contributions to the world.
  3. Once finished, report your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to elevate your actions in the world!

Rules of Strategy: Keep your eyes open for the vast varieties of compassionate expression. Think about people who care deeply and act courageously for the sanctity of the physical world, for animals, or for people whose voices are often not heard. Sometimes compassion’s face is gentle and quiet; at other times it is provocative and dramatic. Think creatively about how to honor this person in ways that are unique to you and to them!

Tools and Equipment:

  • A letter of recognition, or some other form of appreciation for the All-Star
  • The Compassion Report Map to report your acts of service


This way to play lets your community recognize the ordinary folks that are doing extraordinary things. First conceived of by Andy Smallman of the Puget Sound Community School, the Compassion All-Stars is an easy way to for people to take note of the compassion all-stars right around them.  Contact for the All-Stars regarding questions or comments is Joey Crotty: joey@compassiongames.org

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