Point of the Game: Random Acts of Kindness are selfless acts performed by a person or a group of people who desire to help others. Those who Random Acts of Kindness Tileplay the game will learn about kindness and compassion through practice.

Rules of the Game: You can perform random acts of compassion for those you know, those you don’t, the Earth, or for yourself. Distinct from Service Projects, these acts can be spontaneous! Be mindful and put your radar out there to find natural opportunities to be kind to others.

This DoTheDeed video shares the basics of the idea and its profound importance.

Rules of Strategy: Visit the Gallery of Compassionate Action to learn more and get an overview of possible actions you may perform. Every interaction with another human being elicits an opportunity to show kindness to them, in an action, a moment of presence with another, or even in an facial expression or hand gesture.

Tools and Equipment:

  • An internal “kindness” radar, always on the lookout for moments to express compassion to others
  • The Compassion Report Map for reporting your experiences and reflections to elevate your actions in the world by sharing them with others


Performing random acts of kindness is one of the simplest ways to spontaneously bring compassion to life. We will maintain a growing list of actions that can be taken in the three dimensions of compassion: for self, for others, and for Earth!

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