Agents of Compassion!

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Every step we take on our precious Mother Earth is simply profound. It may appear that we journey alone but this is in fact not true.

If each of us only peer back through time a mere 10 generations ago, every human being owes their lives to an astounding 2,046 people who came before us and make our lives possible. These 2,046 people are our relatives, those who passed on the legacy of life that lives within us.

Somehow, it gets even more incredible. If we each look back just 1,000 years, or through 30 generations of our ancestors, the number increases dramatically… from 2,046 relatives to one billion ancestors!

In other words, we are the newest growth on a very ancient, very large tree!

If you continue going back through time, you realize that our eyes have played a trick on us: although we appear separate – located in different regions of the world with different skin tones, cultures, spiritual paths and religions – we are actually all related. In fact, we are inter-related. We are each invaluable members of the Human Family, and since we share one Earth and one common ancestry, we too share one common destiny.

Agents of Compassion, let us use this time together to bring to life the vision of harmony for all humanity. Let’s strengthen our hearts and the ancient bonds that bring us together, so we can actively lean in to the world we know is possible.

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