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When: Wednesday, January 18th, 10 AM PDT

A Call to Selfless Service

MLK 40 Days of Selfless Service and Embracing the Power of Love

The Forty Days of Courageous Service Coopetition (1/18 – 2/29) honors the magnificent lives of two of our most beloved Heavyweight Champions of Compassion, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) and Muhammad Ali. Join players and teams around the world by celebrating the birthdays of MLK and Ali by igniting their legacies of courageous service into action.

It is impossible to imagine what our world may look like had MLK and Muhammed Ali never been born. Dr. King gave voice and movement to both the pain and the dreams of billions of people around the planet, helping us understand that it is in our power to change ideas and unjust laws when we act together with compassion. Muhammad Ali is one of the most celebrated athletes of all time. He was “The Greatest” not simply because of his skill in the ring, but because of what his boxing matches stood for on behalf of the progress of human rights when doing so was not only unpopular, but dangerous. Muhammed Ali passed away in 2016, yet January 17th would have marked his 75th birthday.

Each of these men spoke to the importance of service above all else, and they lived that message with courage. Dr. King said: “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” Muhammad Ali said: “Service is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

In that spirit, we warmly invite you and your community to join us in these Forty Days of Courageous Service to make our world a more just, safe, and equitable place to live for all members of the Human Family!

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How to Play

There are many ways that individuals and teams can play, from organizing creative service projects to performing acts of kindness. During each day of the MLK & Ali: Five Days of Courageous Service Coopetition, all players will receive an Agent of Compassion mission offering tangible ideas and inspiration for ways to play. Players then report and reflect on their activities on the Compassion Report Map. The reports of Registered Teams are displayed on the Coopetition Scoreboard (which is posted in the days leading up to the coopetition), displaying the number of volunteers, number of hours served, number of people served, and the monies raised for local or global causes. Even though we keep score, no one can lose the Compassion Games: the more people that play, the more people win.



Sign Up to Play!

Sign up as an individual or team to play and prepare for the Games! Invite and challenge others to generate excitement and catalyze more compassion!


Play Your Hearts Out!

Organize service projects and inspire acts of kindness to give back to your community! Fulfill “Missions of Compassion” during the annual games, and get ideas from the gallery of Ways to Play to get started!


Report and Reflect

After your compassionate actions, report on your activities and outcomes on the Compassion Report Map, capturing the number of volunteers, hours served, monies raised, and people served!


Share and Celebrate!

Share your Compassion Report to elevate compassion in the world and inspire others to play!

Featured Ways to Play

MLK Missions

SINE: Let’s Make Waves

SINE will be co-hosting featured events about caring and sharing on FB throughout the month. SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is making waves and creating synergy. SINE is a global collaborative community that fuels collective empowerment and unprecedented unified action. Our syndicated meta-network and dynamic change engine amplify the impact of our alliance member’s initiatives.

Befriend the Other

MLK Event Calendar

The Compassion Report Map

During the Annual Compassion Games, players and teams report their compassionate actions on the Compassion Report Map, elevating their impact and inspiring others with their kindness and commitment to making the world a safer, kinder, and better place to live.