“Acting Kindly” at the Compassion Games

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Ways to Play

Planet Earthlings is pleased to join the Compassion Games to make the world a better place.07_acting-kindly_silly-singing_v35_poker_v15b_roundedThey’re developing a printed card game called “Acting Kindly” which is a fun and easy way to be part of the games. “Acting Kindly” is played out in public and players practice random acts of kindness and playful deeds to bring joy to others. It can also be played in schools to overcome bullying.

Here’s a video about the game: http://www.planetearthlings.org/landing/

08_acting-kindly_truth-sleuth_v35_poker_v15b_roundedThey are globally distributing ProtoDecks of the game to a limited number of people/organizations who want to join the Planet Earthlings team to participate in the Compassion Games. The ProtoDeck has four sets of 14 cards so four teams of two to five players can play with a single deck. If you want to join the Planet Earthlings team e-mail them at: info@planetearthlings.org.

Learn more and support the project at: www.planetearthlings.org