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World UNITY Week 2021

World UNITY Week 2021

Jun 19, 12:00am - Jun 26, 11:45pm

New York Plz, New York, NY 10004, United States Map

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Indigenous Wisdom, Climate Change, and Peace on Earth

Indigenous Wisdom, Climate Change, and Peace on Earth

Jun 23, 9:00am

Join Dr. Jane Goodall and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. for a deep reflection on the Indigenous understanding of the Oneness of our human Family and All Life and the Hurt of One is the Hurt of All and the Healing of One is the Healing of All.

This Sacred Understanding of our Oneness is Fundamental to Ending Runaway Climate Change and the beginning of Peace on Earth, by 2030.

Dr. Jane has been an honored relative and supporter of Chief Phil Jr, his parents, and his work since 1995. In 2004, Phil Sr. just before his death gave Elder Sister the name, Makȟóčhe Nakíčižiŋ Wiŋ, Stands Up For The Natural World Woman, when Elder Sister Jane, was ceremonially adopted unto the Hinhan Wicasa, (Owl Man) and Deloria Tiospayes at the Day Break Star Center, Discovery Park, Seattle.

“For years now I have been working with Indigenous peoples in different parts of the world. Their ancient philosophy of respect for Mother Earth, respect for all life forms on the planet, is my philosophy too. I grew up in England, and I used to spend a lot of time up in a very special tree. He was known, simply, as Beech – and I am looking out at his spreading branches as I write. For hours I stayed up there, feeling close to the birds and clouds and wind. I climbed up with my homework, with a book, or simply with my thoughts and dreams. There I learned my respect and love for nature. There I dreamed that one day I would go to Africa.

Years later, when my dream was reality, the forests of Gombe national park, where I was studying chimpanzees, became my home and I got very close to the heartbeat of nature. I became part of the natural world, one with the stars, the winds, the rain, and the tumbling streams. There I learned my kinship with the rustling, fluttering, scampering, flying, running of the forest creatures and learned to recognize the wild and eerie pant hoots with which the chimpanzees greet the dawn and say goodnight at the end of a good day.

Deep in one of the valleys, I discovered a very spiritual place – a waterfall drops down from a rocky ledge 80 feet above onto the rocky river bed, and you can hear the roar of its falling from afar. I now know this place was sacred to the Indigenous people who lived there in the old days. Their spiritual leaders went there every two or three years to perform their ceremonies before the area became a national park. A few of them are still alive, and I have invited them to come back when the spirit moves them.

It is in this magical place that one can watch the chimpanzees perform their awe-inspiring “waterfall dance”. I met a Shaman in South Africa who explained that the word chimpanzee came from the Aboriginal people of Angola and means “The Ones Who Went Before”. Perhaps they danced there thousands of years before human beings arrived in the forests of Gombe.

Then, for millions of years, as our ancestors began to spread across Mother Earth, as they gradually learned to walk upright, to use tools, to hunt for animals, to use their skins to keep themselves warm, to harness fire and cook food, they lived in harmony with nature. The people of the First Nations learned to respect Mother Earth and the riches she provided so generously.

They did not greedily take from the land more than they needed. Alas, the selfish wasteful ways of modern humans are destroying Mother Earth. Careless use of water has lowered the water tables, unlimited burning of fossil fuels is contaminating the air, burning up the ozone layer, contributing to the gradual but relentless warming up of our temperatures around the globe. Thoughtless, mindless use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers is poisoning Mother Earth, destroying life forms that took millions of years to appear on our planet.

Among the Indigenous people on Earth today there are spiritual leaders, medicine men and women, tribal chiefs and elders who have, despite more than centuries of bitter persecution and genocide have held true to their heritage and traditions, have kept alive their sacred knowledge of the interconnectedness of life. They understand that, if we do not stop raping Mother Earth for short-term gain, life, as we know it today, will no longer be possible.

Among these people are some whom I am honored to count as my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, fellow travelers along the path of life. Our hearts beat to the same tune. I hear, as they do, the crying out of the violated forests and prairies and wetlands, the mined, shattered rocks of the sacred mountains, the dying, contaminated streams, and rivers, the choking air. I feel the anguish of the animals, the four-footed, winged, and finned Brothers and Sisters. Many species are struggling to survive, many have already gone – forever.

The Indigenous Wisdom found in books like, “ The Sacred Tree “ will help young and old alike to make better choices as they move through life, choices that will help to restore our planet before it is too late.

My own Roots & Shoots movement, the environmental and humanitarian program of the Jane Goodall Institute that aims to empower young people to make informed and compassionate action to make our world a better place for all living things, is a natural partner for Four Worlds International in this venture.

We have so much, in our modern western world, to learn from Indigenous wisdom.

Dr. Jane Goodall

"The spiritual foundation of the Indigenous worldview is the ancient understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. Therefore, all members of the Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life. Since all members of the Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life, we are all Indigenous Peoples of our Mother Earth. Therefore, every Human Being is responsible for the well-being of one another and all living things on our Mother Earth.

Our Indigenous Peoples and Relatives of our Human Family are moving dynamically forward in rebuilding and reunifying the Americas and beyond. Our actions and vision, guided by the Natural Laws and Guiding Principles inherent in our Indigenous Worldview and Legal Order, are based on an eternal and spiritually enduring foundation:

1. We have the ancient prophecies and the clear vision of a future of social justice and collective prosperity for the Americas and beyond, that we are in the process of manifesting. This new global civilization that is unfolding, as promised by the Ancient Ones and the Ancient of Days, fully honors the Natural Laws and Rights of Mother Earth and the Unity and Diversity of our Human Family. This New Spiritual Springtime foretold by our Elders is now unfolding globally as surely as the sun rises every morning.

2. We have always had a strong, enduring, and unbreakable spiritual foundation of cultural values and guiding principles that have empowered us to survive and arise, with higher strength and wisdom than ever, despite a long and bitter spiritual wintertime. Even though we experienced the utmost human cruelty, violence, injustice, abuse, and physical and cultural genocide during this spiritual winter, we have never surrendered our inherent sovereignty. Despite these long suffered challenges, throughout the Americas and around Mother Earth, our Indigenous Peoples are reawakening to their spiritual and cultural identities and are healing our Sacred Relationships between ourselves, Mother Earth, and all members of the Human Family.

3. Together, our Indigenous Peoples and Allies of our Human Family have the cultural, spiritual, scientific, technological, social, environmental, economic, and agricultural capacities and wisdom needed to co-create and rebuild our Families, Tribes, and Nations stronger and more unified than ever before.

4. Our Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth have the growing collective social and economic capital, coupled with vast natural resources, to bring our highest dreams and visions to reality. With growing collective strength, we dedicate ourselves to protecting and restoring our Beloved Mother as the sacred heritage of all generations, yet to come.

Furthermore, it is clear that these collective resources will empower us to become a primary spiritual and economic force, not only in the Americas but also throughout Mother Earth. We are destined to play an ever-increasing role as global leaders in wisely mandating the sustainable and harmonious ways for developing Mother Earth's gifts and resources. We will ensure that when the development of the natural resources of Mother Earth is not sustainable, no matter the profit, they will not be developed. Our Sacred Places and the Healthful Life of our Beloved Mother Earth are not for sale or exploitation for any price.

5. We, the Indigenous Peoples of the Eagle of the North have the material resources to support the development of the collective resources of our Indigenous Relatives of the Quetzal and Condor of the South, as they choose. The Quetzal and Condor of the South equally have critical resources to share with the Eagle of the North. We fully realize that our greatest strength is our spiritual and cultural unity.

6. Through utilizing emerging digital communications and green technologies in harmony with our vast, collective social, economic, cultural, and spiritual capacities, we will manifest a future with social, environmental, and economic justice for all members of the Human Family and our Beloved Mother Earth.

7. The primary challenge that stands before us as Indigenous Peoples and as a Human Family, in rebuilding the Americas and beyond, is disunity. This disunity has been caused by all forms of colonialism, injustice, and genocide, and is a direct result of the three Papal Bulls of 1452-1493 and the resulting Doctrine of Discovery. This ongoing colonization with its injustice and genocide has resulted in unresolved intergenerational trauma, internalized oppression, and other deepening global suffering and inequities. We are fully committed to recognizing, addressing, healing, balancing, and eliminating, by every peaceful and legal means possible, the extreme, destructive, impacts of disunity.

As we move courageously and wisely forward, in greater and greater love, compassion, justice, and unity, we are reconnecting to our firm and eternal spiritual and cultural foundations for healing, reconciliation, and collective action for Protecting and Restoring the Sacred everywhere on Mother Earth. The full realization of our spiritual and cultural foundations for prayerful, wise, unprecedented, and unified action, assures that our ultimate victory will gracefully unfold at the right time and place as foretold by our Ancient Ones."

Hereditary Chief, Phil Lane Jr., Ihanktonwan, and Chickasaw Nation
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Dancing the Dance of Souls in The Trust Frequency

Dancing the Dance of Souls in The Trust Frequency

Jun 23, 1:00pm - Jun 23, 2:00pm

World Unity Week Online

This is an exploration into conscious relationships through an evolving understanding of the loving nature of the Universe. Connie and Andrew apply the principles of their book "THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm" to our life experiences. See the purpose of The Dance of Souls for mirroring our light and shadow on our journey to wholeness, self-love, alignment with our divinity and true purpose as we walk in absolute trust of a conscious loving Universe.

• What do our core assumptions have to do with the reality we experience?
• What determines the quality of our relationships with self, loved ones, and the Universe?
• How do we change our frequency and thereby our reality?
• Learn about conscious relationships and the shift from Victim to Beloved – The Big Flip!
• Examine repeated behaviors and triggers that show us what's hidden in our subconscious
• Shift from blaming others in challenging relationships to gratitude for their gifts to us.

World Unity Week: Gifts of the Magi Room.

Zoom Link:

For more information on World Unity Week and to register for information go to:
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