You Are Invited to the (Free, Online) Global Compassion Summit!

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Coopetitions, Partners, Unity Games

Peaceful Summertime Greetings!

The Compassion Games is excited to be partnering with the Shift Network in the first online Global Compassion Summit, and we warmly welcome you to join us!

Do you sometimes wonder how you can deal with the suffering in your own life, let alone the suffering of the world? We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel as though there’s nothing you can do to get relief.

That’s why we’re looking forward to The Shift Network’s free online Global Compassion Summit, taking place July 7-9, 2015. This special event features leaders in the growing compassion field – including Karen Armstrong, Congressman Tim Ryan, Matthieu Ricard, Roshi Joan Halifax, Dr. James Doty, Kristin Neff, Dacher Keltner, and others – all respected experts who illustrate that through compassion, you can be with suffering – your own and others’ – with kindness, grace and a little playfulness.

You can sign up for free here!

The Global Compassion Summit (GCS) is part of the 4th annual Summer of Peace, a 3-month series that celebrates collective peace efforts and leaders creating a culture of peace. When you sign up for GCS, you’ll also have the option to register for all of The Summer of Peace offerings for free. Featured peace-builders for the Summer of Peace include Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

The Summer of Peace includes the September Annual Global Compassion Games coopetition, taking place from 9/11, a National Day of Service to 9/21, the International Day of Peace. The eleven days of service and compassion are known as the 11 Days of Global Unity, and in them we aim to inspire compassionate action toward ourselves, others, and the Earth in communities around the world.

Learn more about the 2015 Annual Global Compassion Games here!

With this inaugural online compassion event, you’ll discover profound insights, the latest neuroscience and practical skills from trusted researchers and inspiring educators.

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During the summit, you’ll learn how to cultivate love and compassion for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers and even perceived enemies.

You’ll learn to recognize our shared common humanity and move from judgment to compassion and connection – and experience greater love, acceptance and peace in your relationships.

The Summer of Peace is bringing together tens of thousands of global citizens who, like you, yearn for a more peaceful way of life for all. From personal to planetary issues, together, we will acknowledge, celebrate and accelerate the wave of peacebuilding that has been growing across the globe. You’ll find ways to participate in the compassion movement, and in doing so, help accelerate the shift to a more playful and peaceful planet!

Register for this life-affirming summit now – and get ready to transform suffering in your heart, your relationships and the world.

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Playfully compassionate,

The Compassion Games

P.S. – Here are just a few quotes from past Summer of Peace participants:

“The Summer of Peace contains priceless tools available to create a more peaceful world today. This year, I am honored to be bringing the Global Compassion Summit (2015) to The Summer of Peace. I believe that peace and compassion are pivotal soulmates on the path to planetary peace.

– Emily Hine, Director, The Global Compassion Summit

“I can’t think of any other educational forum that touches on so many issues, and with such depth of thinking, looking at how we build peace. Some of the smartest and most inspiring thinkers are lined up to share their wisdom. It’s an opportunity not to miss.”

– Matthew Albracht, The Peace Alliance

“The Summer of Peace was an enlightening and moving experience where I got to hear directly from visionaries who spoke with true wisdom. This is the most exciting event on behalf of peace in decades!”

– Krystal Rose

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