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by | Jan 20, 2018 | Champions of Compassion, Harmony Week

Karen Palmer: Spotlight Champion Of Compassion 

We are thrilled to pass the Compassion Torch to Karen Palmer today celebrating her as a phenomenal, Champion of Compassion during the 2018 World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition. Please join us during these seven days sharing this article on your favorite social media platforms with what you appreciate about Karen and report your reflections on how she, and Global Kindness TV has impacted you in your life on the Compassion Report Map.

Here we are passing Karen Palmer, Founder of Global Kindness TV the Compassion Torch! You will also learn more about what makes her tick, who she passes the torch onto (Rick Ulfick from We The World), Guided World Peace Meditation and so much more!

Karen Palmer just launched her newest book, in December 2017, called “Co-Creating Heaven On Earth”. She has included many solutions to these times including Compassion Games International. www.globalkindnesstv.org/heaven  

“Kindness and love are superpowers and are the keys that open the door to unity. We are all in this human experience together and we can co-create a more loving kind world. This book will show us how. You will feel inspired and empowered as you hear true stories of amazing individuals making a huge difference in their corner of the world.” – Quoted from Karen Palmer in “Co-Crea

Karen  Palmer is the mom who made a wish and started a kindness revolution. She is the founder of The #Globalkindness Revolution networking with many to co-create a kinder and more loving world. She has been nick-named The Queen Of Globalkindness and is also known as a Modern Day Mystical Mr.Rogers, Dr.Doolittle, and Dr.Seuss who uses music, meditation, mindful practices, and mantras for empowerment of all ages.  She is a singer and songwriter and will be going on tour for “The Spirit Of Love” in 2018 teaching self-love and cooperation through concerts, workshops, and community events. Learn more at www.internationalchildrensmonth.com

 She is also Co-Founder of Global Peace United and a partner at Charter for Compassion. She features both in her new book, “Co-Creating Heaven On Earth” www.globalkindnesstv.org/heaven  She believes in being a #voiceforthevoiceless and helps many other non-profit organizations and animal rescue. Her non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing environmental education, animal advocacy, mindfulness, kindness, and compassion to schools worldwide.

 She is a successful non-profit business leader, Best-Selling Author, Game Designer, Social Media Expert, Angel and Animal Communicator, Mindful Marketing Strategist,  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Visit www.globalkindnesstv.org to learn more. She also designs musical coloring books  that empower children and families to sing together and volunteer as a family; www.globalkindnesstv.org/color  and www.globalkindnesstv.org/spreadpeace

She combines Ancient Wisdom, Technology, music, and Modern Science to help make OUR world a more loving place. She also helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents, and peacemakers find their voice and share their message and gifts globally.

She uses hashtags, social media, and technology to help raise the levels of joy, love, kindness, and peace.

The intent of this article is to celebrate Karen Palmer! We invite you to take action today by sharing this article far and wide, follow her below and buying her new book that will continue to help make Global Kindness go viral and expand her movement!

During Harmony Week, Karen Palmer will be interviewing amazing people and having activity going on at Spirituality Gone Wild FB Page. The best way to stay informed is to follow her at all the locations below.

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