We are so fortunate to have Andy Smallman leading his Kindness Class during the Compassion Games. Andy has been teaching kindness for over 15 years. He and his wife Melinda Shaw founded the Puget Sound Community School and Kind Living.  Participating in this activity is a great opportunity to interact with an amazing visionary, educator, teacher and great guy. Here is the invitation from Andy to join the class:

Ready for some random acts of compassion? Want to participate in the Compassion Games but aren’t sure how?

Join the Kindness Class!

Seattle-based educator Andy Smallman has put together a four week kindness activity to take place as part of the Compassion Games. The activity, based on his popular online kindness classes, is a perfect way for people interested in participating in the games but aren’t sure how to get started. Each week Andy will provide a kindness theme, what he is calling a “mission,” designed to get people thinking about kindness and then acting on those thoughts.

While we’re calling this a “kindness class,” really it’s a series of four weekly activities designed to provide you some structure to bring more kindness into your lives. It’s part of the Compassion Games, a Seattle-based initiative created to inspire people to make their communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live.

Learn more at http://compassiongameskindness.wordpress.com/ or email Andy.

This class works like this.

Each Friday during the games, which take place from September 21 – October 21, 2012, a “kindness mission” will be unveiled here. These missions are really kindness themes, created to provide people a focal point for completing kind actions each week. For fun, participants are encouraged to playfully imagine they are secret agents receiving an assignment they have one week to complete. On Tuesday each week a brief message of inspiration about that week’s mission will be posted. And then each Friday, a wrap-up or reflection comment about it will be posted, right before the next week’s mission is posted.

Click Here to Join the Kindness Class!

The first three missions ask participants to act alone and in a way so that no one but they are aware of what they’re doing. The final mission involves a partner. Throughout the class and regardless of the mission, participants are encouraged to complete their actions quietly and without fanfare, thus providing them practice in both humility and modesty while reducing the risk that what they do is for show or reward.

This class was created and is being facilitated by Seattle-based educator Andy Smallman. The illustrations being used were all created for this project by Internet artist Fish Astronaut.


Please consider this your invitation to participate. Learn more at http://compassiongameskindness.wordpress.com/ or email Andy.