Leslie’s Invitation to Join the Compassion Games

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Teams, Unity Games, Ways to Play

Dear Friends and Family,
Come play the Compassion Games with me! I’m an organizer ‘cos I’m a big fan of the whole idea of people and teams around the world competing in “survival of the kindest” games for good every year. By doing good as part of the Compassion Games, we can do more good together and we all win!

Starting TODAY  September 11 through September 21st, thousands of individuals and more than 150 teams are making our communities safer, kinder, more just and compassionate places to live. More than 40 cities and entire school districts are playing. A prison in Southern California played last year and had no incidents of violence for eleven days for the first time in their history; this year they’ve inspired the LA County Sheriff to bring the Games to the LA jails.  Healthcare, Businesses, Family, Interfaith/Multicultural and Faith Based, Women/Girls, Youth and Environment Leagues are all pumping up their hearts and hands, warming up their compassion muscles for the Annual Games!

handsI invite you to Join In and “get in the Game!” See Ways to Play for ideas to play yourself or organize your family or community.  You can Drive With Compassion and/or sign up to be a  Secret Agent of Compassion. Or, download the Compassion Today App to pay more attention to being compassionate with yourself and others. Or, see 2014 Teams to join a team near you. Teams have a point system per act of compassion, person served, dollar raised and/or hours served. Leagues coopetite with one another to inspire Compassionate Greatness and make us all want to stretch a little farther to win! Return to the Compassion Report Map after you “Play” and tell us all about it!
May we all win! ‘cos you know what? Love Wins!
Love, Leslie