Secret Agent of Compassion

“It has been discovered that a powerful antidote exists that can counteract the hate, hurt, and negativity that plagues our global community. This highly potent antidote is called “compassion,” and it exists within you.”

Are you ready to become an Agent of Compassion?

You are just who we need! Join the International Kindness Team (IKT) and prepare to make the world a better place, one act ofSecret Agent Badge kindness at a time. Anyone can sign up and join the team! There are many ways to play, but here are some good places to start: 1) Use everyday moments as opportunities to spread the antidote and create a culture of compassion, one act of kindness at a time! Agents can acknowledge and tell the stories of the daily acts of kindness they witness in their lives. Report back to HeartQuarters using the Compassion Report Map to share the stories of compassion in action, elevating your compassion to inspire others!

(Looking for ideas? Check out the list of Ways to Play designed to serve self, others, and the Earth! You can also read reports from other players on the Report Map to find inspiration!)

2) Rally your friends and form a team to organize a service project in your community, and challenge others to join you! 3) Participate in a Compassion Games coopetition to play with others from around the world! These events happen throughout the year… sign up to stay tuned and learn about upcoming coopetitions! 4) Help us grow the International Kindness Team! Use the instructions below to sign up to become an Agent of Compassion, and then recruit your friends to become Agents as well!  

Secret Missions During the Upcoming Giving Games!

IKT Director Andy Smallman will be sending daily mission briefings for 11 days to all Agents with inspirations for compassionate action in the Giving Games, beginning on December 1st and going through December 11th.  Use your creativity and adaptability to find a way to fulfill your mission… No kind act is too small to have a huge impact! Your mission briefings will help you practice an attitude of compassion, and discover that even the simple actions of Secret Agents can be profoundly world-changing. If you choose to, you can adopt a new identity online during the Giving Games by changing your profile photo. Click on the photo below to link to an album of avatars you can choose from. To access the archive of previous missions you can visit the International Kindness Team Headquarters. To find out more about the history and origins of the Secret Agents of Compassion, check out Andy Smallman’s Kindness Classes at  You can also read about the International Kindness Team in the following story “Secrets Revealed: Anonymous Agent Spills the Beans on the Secret Agents of Compassion”. Agent Badge
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