Spotlight Champion: Wendi Gilbert with Kindness Evolution Collective

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Champions of Compassion, Compassion Relay, Earth Week

We are passing the Compassion Torch to a key leader of Kindness in the world today. Wendi Gilbert is a Champion of Compassion with an incredible active vision unfolding this week called the Kindness Evolution Collective in Half Moon Bay, California. Wendi has been researching the kindness space for the past five years. Based on the wealth of data she’s amassed, in addition to key relationships within a nationwide network, she’s organized, Wendi is positioned to power our nation’s kindness Evolution.  She brings 30+ years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors and has the passion for a big vision, grounded in a practical plan for making a massive positive impact in our nation, and ultimately the world. She was recently chosen to be one of ten speakers for the People’s Stage, where she spoke about our national kindness landscape and the mission of this weeks Kindness Evolution Collective

“My life mission is to “Rally, Connect and Unite People for Good.” It is my honor and privilege to lead and launch our Nation’s KindnessEvolution and fulfill my life mission, as well as assist in amplifying the goodness that already exists and inspiring more of it.”  -Wendi Gilbert

See in this two-minute video Wendi’s amazing inspiration and global vision of this weeks event that our Compassion Games Leadership Team will be attending as part of the Closing Ceremony of April Compassion Games.

What we will be doing at the KindnessCollective:

  • Connecting with other leaders in the kindness community to collaborate, network and share resources.
  • Collaborating with our youth attendees to gain new insights about our future leaders.
  • Acquiring new leadership and problem-solving tools from our outstanding facilitation company and obtain a portfolio of shared ideas.
  • Developing some shared visions for the future; fresh insights and inspiration; meaningful connections.
  • Celebrating the work we do in the world!

The Inaugural CampKindness Day in July 2018 is another incredible event and gift to the world of kindness possibility for youth. The Kindness Evolution is collaborating with American Camp Association. The American Camp Association (ACA)  is a national community of camp professionals that reaches 11 Million Youth. ACA promotes powerful lessons in community, character-building, skill development, and healthy living and has over 11,000 members  (YMCA, Boys Club, Girl Scouts) and over 100K college-age counselors.  ACA holds conferences for camp professionals to collaborate for the creation of camp experiences that develop children into independent, happy kids!  

KindnessEvolution is now collaborating with ACA to create CampKindness Day, a day each summer where camps across the nation will focus on activities and programs for the encouragement of intentional kindness and care. Check out what went on in Atlantic City as we began the development of the activities that will launch on CampKindness Day: July 24th, 2018! 

As a way to light up gratitude for Wendi Gilbert and her kindness vision for the world lets share experiences of kindness in action around the world April 14th through April 30th on the Compassion Report Map. 

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