Silent Disco Squad

by | Sep 8, 2015

Our Mission

Silent Disco Squad is an experimental Danceparty that creates shared music experiences in everyday moments. SDS started with there burning questions:

  • – How can we carry the power of the dancefloor into everyday moments?
  • – Does technology bring us closer together or further apart?
  • – How can you scale a vibe without losing integrity?

We believe the Dancefloor is a powerful space deeply embedded within human culture. The Dancefloor is a transformational of expression, connection, and community. We intent to bring the power of the Dance floor into everyday Urban moments!

10371255_253742244816815_8415164598851735852_o (1)Hi there fellow compassion agents! David Zangwill Here. I’m a Co-Founder of Silent Disco Squad – an organization dedicated to Turning the World into a Dance floor. To see where the roots of this project come from, here is a TEDx talk I gave on Silent Disco Squad. We dance in the streets to bring people together in celebration, radically express who we are, and intimately connect through music and dance. Ultimately Silent Disco Squad is ushering a new way to relate to others in public space. In our present world all to often we go through public space as strangers – if we are courageous and compassionate we meet we can turn strangers into someone familiar through a simple action. We are collaborating with Compassion Games International, Unify and co-creating a Global Silent Disco for Peace September 21. Join the Global Dance Party here at our site, Silent Disco Squad.

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