Point of the Game: Organized Service Projects are the planned expressions of compassion that address the needs of a community. Service Projects bring people of diverse backgrounds together to give back to the world, whether this is locally or to a global cause. Service Projects are a primary force of good in the Compassion Games, the effects of which ripple out to communities everywhere by inspiring us all what is possible when we come together to bring compassion to life.

Rules of the Game: Service Project are usually organized by Teams, although individual Players can joinkindliving1-300x245or organize a service project in their community.

Each project should have a title and description, as well as a primary contact and project lead. These will be used to post your incredible work on the Compassion Report Map to share and celebrate with others!

Rules of Strategy: Organize a service project that resonates with all members involved!

Examples of projects that were completed in previous years include: planting a garden, organizing a carpool, painting a house, cleaning up a lot, organizing food shelves at a foodbank, and volunteering to help out at an animal shelter.

Tools and Equipment:

Service project events for communities are on and can be posted on the Compassion Games event calendar. On the event calendar you can filter the events by community, as well as by topical tags, i.e. you can find an event in the category Los Angeles that is tagged “hunger”.


By organizing service projects, you and are friends can identify ways to give back to your local community. We have plenty of resources to help you come up with a creative service project ideas. View a list of past service projects here.

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