Whidbey GeoDome and the Compassion Games Scavenger Hunt

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Education - Schools, Scavenger Hunt: SuperBetter, Seattle Center, SuperBetter, Youth

When I first walked into the Whidbey GeoDome, I thought, “What an odd rubber room.” The inflatable space requires passage through a heavy, velcro curtain and is dotted with ground-level seats. Making myself comfortable in the middle of the front row, I was soon surrounded by images projected on all sides of the dome and surround-sound narration and  audio. The effect—like an intimate planetarium—was spectacular.



The minds behind the GeoDome believe in the power of stories—big and little. Further, they use the dome to show how stories told in an immersive environment stir deep visceral and emotional reactions in the audience. The creators see the GeoDome as a “merger of art and science,” that teaches by making these two realms of human creativity and intellect—often separated in our society—collaborate with each other.  This approach enhances and deepens the learning process by making education a stimulating event, one that engages the viewer in a variety of ways.





The current story, the Earth Portal, whisks you away through the far reaches of space. In the process, viewers gain a dual understanding. First, we learn how fantastically insignificant we are in this magnificent universe—a humbling effect that gives perspective but also creates awe. Second, we also see how impressive it is that we exist at all, the unique beauty of our world. Together, these two understandings encourage a feeling of humility and connection with what we know—our Earth—and what we can barely comprehend—the universe.


The folks at the Whidbey GeoDome believe that the awe and humility inspired by the Earth Portal can also encourage a more compassionate engagement with the world. That’s why they’re partnering with the Compassion Games Scavenger Hunt. Today is our fifth Scavenger Hunt Quest: Visit the Whidbey GeoDome, currently housed at the Seattle Center. Even better, attend the 5pm show tonight, or the next two Thursdays at 5pm, say you’re with the Compassion Games Scavenger Hunt, and you can watch the show for free!


If you’d like to play the Scavenger Hunt using our other partner, the game platform SuperBetter, click on this link. Set up your SuperBetter account and Epic Win. Then click on “Allies” in the left hand bar and send an email to superbetter@compassiongames.org, asking us to be your Ally. The Compassion Games will send you regular Quests and Power-Ups to help you discover the hidden gold of compassion in our city and help us all get SuperBetter.


Also, please join us on the Facebook event page and tell us about your adventures. Let’s create the community online and in the real world.