Report: Dozens Getting SuperBetter. Why Not You?

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Scavenger Hunt: SuperBetter, SuperBetter, Ways to Play

You! Yeah, you! What are you doing this weekend?

Why not check out the lists of Scavenger Hunt Quests (here, here, and this post), grab someone—your best friend, your significant other, your kids, or a person you’ve simply been wanting to know better—and head out into some classic Northwest weather to discover hidden compassionate “gold” scattered throughout Seattle?


Each day, more users sign up to play the Scavenger Hunt using SuperBetter where they set a personal goal and receive regular quests from their ally, the Compassion Games. The hunt is on and this week we had some awesome Quests:


Quest #10: Go on one of Seattle’s public art walking tours. Report back about your favorite thing seen on the walk (art or otherwise).


Quest #11 Visit Neighborhood Houses’s High Point Center and see their state-of-the-art “green” building and learn about their services. Also, consider taking a guided tour of the center or the surrounding neighborhood. (Open M-F, 9-5).





Quest #12: One of our partners is the Next Fifty. Where would you like Seattle to be in the next fifty years? What improvements or strides in compassion will we have made? Post your ideas to the Facebook event page or tweet them to @CompassionGames.





Quest #13: Visit one of Seattle’s community gardens. Show your Northwest chops and get outside regardless of a little “rain.” Give yourself bonus points if you visit one of the Seattle Market Gardens, providing food to low income neighborhoods in south and southwest Seattle. If anyone is working at the garden, say hi to him or her, and consider asking about the work being done there—both what he or she is doing in particular and in the garden in general.


Oh, and one last thing. We build compassionate community by sharing. Tell us about your adventures— what you saw, discovered, thought, felt, or did—by commenting on this blog, posting to the Facebook event page, or on Twitter.


Even better: tell your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbor on the street or on the bus. Let’s help each other continue to get SuperBetter.


We’ve also got more excellent adventures planned for this week so stay tuned and, if you haven’t, sign up to play the Scavenger Hunt using SuperBetter.


SuperBetter instructions:

  1. Create a SuperBetter account and go through all the setup steps.
  2. Once you’ve setup your SuperBetter account and Epic Win, click on “Allies” on the left hand side of the screen and send an email to asking us to be your Ally.
  3. When we send you Quests, you need to “accept” them in your SuperBetter account to have them show up as your Quests and enable you to complete them.

Whenever you’ve completed a Scavenger Hunt Quest, please click that you did it on SuperBetter. We’d also love to hear what you’re up to so it would be awesome if you post about your adventures on your Activity Wall and/or on the Facebook event page’s Wall. Thanks for playing!