Report: Final Week of Scavenger Hunt Rocks!

by | Oct 20, 2012 | Scavenger Hunt: SuperBetter, SuperBetter, Unity Games, Ways to Play

Officially, the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest are in their final week.

But you wouldn’t know it from the activity in the Scavenger Hunt.

New players sign up on SuperBetter everyday and this week included some spectacular Quests.


Quest #14: Check out Yes! magazine; find and post a link to a story that inspires you personally.



Quest #15: Learn about the Fare Start Program. Take someone out for a wonderful meal at one of Fare Start’s excellent restaurants or contribute in some other way.



Quest #16: What’s your favorite thing about Seattle? Why are you grateful for it? Tell us about it on Facebook or tweet us: @compassiongames (hashtag: #SotK12)

 Quest #17: Where’s Reggie? The Compassion Games would like to give him the Compassionate Leadership award but we need your help finding him.

Your challenge is to, first, watch this video.

Then as you move about your community, see if you can find Reggie. If you find him, be sure to let us know and tell him we’d like to honor him. If you have any other compassionate interactions during your search, be sure to tell us about them on our Facebook page or on Twitter.



Quest #18: Visit the Duwamish Long House. Find out about the first people to live in “Seattle” and what they are up to today. (M-S, 10am-5pm.)





Quest #19: Read or view some of the Stories of Compassion. Do you have a story of compassion to share, either from the Games or from before? Consider submitting your story and adding your voice to this chorus of compassion. And no matter what, tell at least 3 people about the story that spoke to you the most.


You can see the other weeks’ quests here, here, and here.


Oh, and one last thing. We build compassionate community by sharing. Tell us about your adventures— what you saw, discovered, thought, felt, or did—by commenting on this blog, posting to the Facebook event page, or on Twitter.


Even better: tell your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbor on the street or on the bus. Let’s help each other continue to get SuperBetter.

Thanks for playing!