Report: Scavenger Hunt Booming with Heroes Getting SuperBetter

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Scavenger Hunt: SuperBetter, SuperBetter, Ways to Play |

In the last couple days, the number of people playing the Scavenger Hunt through SuperBetter has doubled! As we end the second week of the Compassion Games, we can see compassion extending out like a rushing stream.


This week we had some great Scavenger Hunt Quests.

Quest #6: Find a quote relating to compassion, community, or the Puget Sound area and share it on your activity wall, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Quest #7: Explore the Heart Map and select an organization that sparks your interest. Go to their website and learn more about what they do and what they might need. Consider whether you have anything to offer them. Tell at least 3 people about what you learned to share the good work being done in our city.

Quest #8: Visit the Northwest African American museum. The museum is free on the first and second Thursday of each month—an awesome opportunity!

Quest #9 (beginning today, October 5): Donate either food or time to a food bank. Food is life: not only does it nurture our bodies but it also feeds our souls, represents our cultures, and builds our communities. As we head into October, our thoughts often turn to the warmth, fun, and love of upcoming holidays and parties. At the same time, the season of harvest and festivities should also remind of us of the cooling temperatures and turn our thoughts to those struggling to feed themselves and their families. The Compassion Games is happy to partner with Asian Counseling and Referral Services with volunteer opportunities at their food back and volunteering or participation in their annual benefit gala (going on tomorrow, Saturday, October 5). Even better, make friends by getting a volunteer group together via the Facebook Scavenger Hunt event page.



For more info on volunteering at the food bank, click here.

For more info on the benefit gala, click here.

For info on other local food banks, click here.



It’s not too late to play! For a list of previous Quests check out our first blog post on the Scavenger Hunt. Complete as many Quests as you can, in whatever order and whenever you’d like. Enlist friends. Tell us about your adventures on the Facebook Scavenger Hunt Event page.

And sign up to play using SuperBetter.

SuperBetter instructions:

  1. Create a SuperBetter account and go through all the setup steps.
  2. Once you’ve setup your SuperBetter account and Epic Win, click on “Allies” on the left hand side of the screen and send an email to asking us to be your Ally.
  3. When we send you Quests, you need to “accept” them in your SuperBetter account to have them show up as your Quests and enable you to complete them.

Whenever you’ve completed a Scavenger Hunt Quest, please click that you did it on SuperBetter. We’d also love to hear what you’re up to so it would be awesome if you post about your adventures on your Activity Wall and/or on the Facebook event page’s Wall. Thanks for playing!