Seattle Women and Girls League Dance for Justice

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Random Acts of Compassion, Ways to Play

What a powerful time it is now on this planet. Now is a time where we can transform the conversations about the chronic problems of our planet into breathing more life into the change we desire to see. I am fired up about being a part of a new reality that is about more of me, us, and the collective.  I invite you to reveal a more organic way of being that awakens ideal change. How about a new way to be together in community that holds us in the ultimate safe zone for freedom, play, and intrigue in new colors of inspiration? Let’s raise our voices into a harmony that inspires our hearts, minds, and bodies up into liberated action.

I am inviting a new place for compassionate culture for women & girls to call home. Now is the time to let go of the old ways of doing everything alone. I am wanting to encourage a place where we can support letting go of the negative, marginalizing messages that inhibit empowerment of the feminine and replace them with tall and courageous believing. Removing the fear-based stagnant statements like, “being vulnerable is seen as weakness”, “being quiet about challenges is the right way”, acting as “superwoman” is defined by taking care of others’ needs while always smiling. Or, how about, “there is only enough for everyone to succeed at one time and sharing your ideas will deplete your chance for success”? Not one of these messages are grounded in truth.  I am wishing for a community-based on a new paradigm charged with the positive muscles of compassion.

I see many brilliant women and girls stuck wondering where to direct their great potential in the chaotic survival of daily needs. Who can you turn to about real life challenges? This stressful reality can be lonely, leading us down the road to oppression, resentment and backwards movement. Women must have healthy outlets of community to cultivate a new paradigm. Let’s say “goodbye” to simply talking about change and “hello!” to being the change we long for! How about we leave behind the meetings that are only about filling whiteboards with ideas and thoughts for the future? This style of influence is losing my attention. Are you looking for a more inspiring way to play in this world? I am ready to “break the chain” of old ways of impacting social justice change, and that is why I am excited about playing with Compassion Games.

I am wanting to cultivate a caring community that collaborates with leaders equally, energizes differences, celebrates authentic sharing, and supports the aim to serve. This movement is a sacred place where individuals are welcome to be more present in action that brings meaningful play to light. How about supporting a message that makes your heart, mind, body, and soul fly, while rippling out to all beings for a more compassionate universe?

Sommer Joy AlbertsenI am thrilled to introduce myself, Sommer Joy Albertsen, as one of the new progressive leaders of Compassion Games International. My intent is to contribute greatly to a social justice movement that takes fun seriously, expands compassion into new forms, builds the most loving and empowered community for women & girls, and creates a positive vibration of change in the process. This is what I am excited to share with you through inclusive dance, self love, transformative play, shining vulnerability, healing art creations, community music circles, and echoes of laughter.

I was invited to weave all these compassionate intentions into the Women & Girls League One Billion Rising Flashmob on Valentine’s Day. We turned the compassionate volume up loud for social change to be seen, surprising the 150+ diverse beings at the Women of Wisdom Conference. On that day we danced into the Eve Ensler message: “Now is the time to stop all violence towards women on this planet.” We are committed to bringing this vision into reality. The following quote is a sparkle from Eve Ensler’s talk at Bioneers 2014. She had said, “Mainly it allowed women & men to come back into their bodies, to reclaim public space, so they can begin to remember the world we know inside us, that we manifest outside us. It escalated ecstatic revolt.” Thank you, Eve, for being such a brilliant beacon for radical change in the flesh. She has become a catalyst for the kind of change I want to dance through life with. Eve Ensler quoted her personal inspiration, Emma Goldman, who said, “If I can’t dance, I will not come to your revolution.” Yes! It is time we bring to the front line our wild selves into making change with authentic joy and loving play.

I began the journey of leading this One Billion Rising Movement around the Pacific Northwest in 2013 and have not stopped dancing in the streets since. Through the recent years of love for social justice work, I found dance to be an ideal universal language, igniting positive messages of embodied consciousness. This form of consciousness delights the senses into being the change. This is an example of new profound actions in nourishing sustainable community and stepping into uncharted pathways of synergistic opportunities. I invite you to a trustworthy space for more root truth, holding each others hands with ecstatic courage, and infinite hugs of boundless being.

The compassionate spirit of this One Billion Rising Movement is a real example of the power of coming together with a common intent. Our league of diverse women danced, held space for voices to rise out of victims of violence, sang unconditional love messages of hope, and brought real prayer to the planet. Here is a link to this win-win report on Compassion Games International site, where you will find compassionate action raining all over the world. The Compassion Games has influenced me to shine leadership events for the Women & Girls League here in Seattle area in order to show how kind we really are. Are you ready for the challenge?

Would you like to join the Women & Girls league of Compassion? This is a call to action for YOU to rise with us in our cultivation of a new garden of flowers of compassion. This One Billion Rising flashmob is just the beginning of the survival of the kindest. We will be starting a weekly Women & Girls League compassion dance action every Sunday at 11-12:00 PM at Civetta Dance Space. This will be a seed of courageous women leaders of all ages to rise and share who you are, breaking the chain of suffering and bringing new meaning to social change service. It is time now in 2015 to join us into a sacred playful space to bring more compassion to self, others, and the earth.

For more information about Women & Girls Compassion Being League, please email Sommer Joy Albertsen at

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