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Films tell stories of compassion at Seattle event

 Submitted by What's Good 206 If you let a community tell its own stories, what do you hear? During Seattle's Compassion Games, independent filmmakers brought us stories of a neighborhood coming together around a community garden, a community formed around an all-night diner, and a community of dancers that became family for a Seattle newcomer.   These and about a dozen other films were shown during an event called, "A Story Runs Through It, " which was hosted by Seattle International...

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‘Kindness School’ builds strong academics with compassion

 Submitted by What's Good 206 Strong academics are a byproduct of a good school. That's the model for Puget Sound Community School, which operates on the premise that students learn best when they are supported in their passions. And yes, they do take classes like pre-calculus and physics. Teaching compassion and kindness are an essential part of that education, says founder Andy Smallman, who founded the school 19 years ago with his wife Melinda Shaw. Hear students and teachers talk about...

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Looking for compassionate solutions to gun violence

Submitted by What's Good 206 Why should you care about gun violence? "It has no race, no creed, no age barriers. If it hasn't affected you yet, it will if it continues." Stark words from one man interviewed in this array of community voices recorded at an anti-gun violence rally at Seattle's Martin Luther King Memorial Park. "It needs to be talked about among your family and friends," says a police officer. "We have to work to get the community out to say we've had enough of the gun violence...

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Smarter & more compassionate schools? Yes we can!

Submitted by What's Good 206 Build more compassionate schools by combining students of different ages in the classroom, and fully integrating schools, says a 17-year-old high school senior who has written a book advocating overhaul of the educational system. In this video produced by What's Good 206, Nikhil Goyal also advises educators to start treating students respectfully and invite them into the conversation about their education. Directed by AUSTIN WILLIAMS Hosted by STARLA SAMPACO Edited...

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Operation Compassion: How to radically change the story

Submitted by What's Good 206 It was a chance encounter with a homeless man that that led University of Washington student Daniel Nguyen to start Operation Compassion last year. It began when an apparently homeless man, a regular Daniel had seen for weeks, boarded his bus and asked him for spare change. Like many of us, Daniel's first response was, "I don't have any." But it didn't end there, and what Daniel Nguyen found out about Reggie, the man on the bus, blew away his preconceived notions...

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What’s good? Volunteers in record numbers show compassion

Submitted by What's Good '206'? Some painted walls, others cleaned a preschool inside and out. Others pulled yard cleanup duty. All told, there were more than 12,000 of them -- people who came out on Sept. 21, United Way of King County's biggest ever Day of Caring and the launch of the Compassion Games. Take a look by the numbers: Total volunteers: 12,122 Total companies represented: 138 Total projects completed: 448 Total hours of labor: 59,737 Total value of work: $1.3 million It was also...

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