“Imagine if Dr. King had a Facebook!”

We have created a video to encourage the use of Social Media for the cause MLK fought for. It is called: “Imagine if Dr. King had a Facebook?”

How to Make Proactive Peace that can Make War Irrelevant

Barbe will explain a proactive kind of peacemaking she learned from the women in her book, “Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn From Them.“ She explains how it is done, who can do it, why it is a wise choice in today's world. Most importantly Barbe will explain how it has the potential to make war irrelevant.

Cosmic Beloved Community Circle

Part One was on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Birthday Jan. 15th, focus being the seeds of service for our communities and the world for the 40 Days Of Peace. And on February 24th 3pm EDT - 4pm EDT is about the flowers of service we are celebrating together on the last two days of 40 Days Of Peace. We will reflect, dance and celebrate in Cosmic Circle co hosted by Sommer Joy Ramer & Heather Elizabeth.

We are Descendants of American Slaves not BLACK or African American!

Expert panelists from Descendants of American Salves Ministerial Alliance-DASMA and American Clergy Leadership Conference-ACLC-(1,000+ Clergy) will challenge the audience with a new paradigm of identity for the 40 million or so Descendants of American Slaves.

New Global Peace Movement – An EMERGENCY PLAN

Namaste, Peace, Mir!  The world’s crises are getting worse and the war in Ukraine has sent the world in the wrong direction – towards militarism and division.  We need something different and special.  I have developed an EMERGENCY PLAN – a new global peace movement that is designed to unite the people, the peace and climate movements first, then all the movements; youth, labor, indigenous, BLM, PPC, all religions and spiritual organizations, and mayors and community leaders in every village, town, and city in every country under one umbrella – nonviolence!

Currency That Encourages Compassion

The rules of a currency-issuance system, just like the rules of a game, encourage certain behavior amongst the participants. If you change the rules, you can change the behavior of the participants. Let's talk about how we can transition from participating in a currency-issuance system that resembles a game of Musical Chairs to a system that resembles a Compassion Game.

Open Innovation & Collaboration Engine, Protected Open Source

We invite you to a discussion on Open Innovation and Collaboration Engine, Protected Open Source. As you may know, Open Innovation has become increasingly popular in recent years, and companies are constantly seeking ways to collaborate and innovate with others.

Expressing Words of Change: The New Way to Create Peaceful Solutions Anytime

Big problems like climate change, contaminated water and soil, war, or politics, to name a few, often mean complex solutions and divergent ideas and controversy. We welcome you to experience a New Way to get to the heart of hard matters such as these. We will ask the audience to bring up 4 current issues. We will all collaborate by contributing phrases to create a poem for each of the issues. We will read all 4 poems out loud so you can feel the peace of calmly working together for solutions to each cause. Everyone will get a copy of the poems to keep by giving us their email on the chat.

Why we shouldn’t call it “Black History Month”

Grassroots Community Leaders from the Truthe be Told Podcast will be discussing and analyzing our current social and economic challenges that face America 60 years after the "I Have a Dream" speech was given in Washington, DC.